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Japanese Precision sheet metal fabricators-Okabe is a leader in precision sheet metal fabrication in Japan.

We export quality Japanese sheet metal and provide fabrication from design, to prototype, to processing and assembly. APSMI has developed a system using advanced Japanese technology to provide quality products to fulfill high variety & small quantity orders at a low cost with on time delivery to meet your JIT (just in time) needs. Okabe utilizes computer-aided design as well as experience in production and project management to meet your individual specifications. No matter what field of manufacturing your company is in, you have very specific needs in terms of sheet metal fabrication. At Okabe we have a thorough understanding of the materials, specifications, and processes it takes to build quality into every part. Okabe makes every effort to be technically superior, diverse and flexible to meet your needs precisely.

Okabe continuously keeps up with the latest Japanese welding technology and sheet metal fabrication processes

so we can continue to offer high quality and on time delivery at a low cost. We believe that using the most modern equipment available and the most advanced engineering and production techniques will result in higher quality parts economically produced for our customers. The manufacturing division spearheads our integration of sheet metal fabrication, welding and assembly processes for the creation of high quality products which satisfy all customer requirements; quality, low cost and quick response time. Our pision job shop has a full range of welding capabilities including micro MIG welding, MIG welding, CO2 welding, and argon welding to name a few.

The flexible job shop system

we have built not only provides high quality, low costs and on time delivery but also can handle varied-type and varied-amount production. At Okabe we are experts in outsourcing programs, precision turnkey manufacturing services, and JIT deliveries. Our turnkey is customer ready to meet the needs of both turnkey and consigned products.

Okabe's development & design department can custom design and package

almost any project a customer or client can imagine. From inception to completion, Okabe tracks its drawing in auto-cad format to use in our Cad Cam system plus customer support. Okabe is a leader in design and manufacturing of communications equipment components, electric equipment components, transport equipment and office equipment.

Our sales engineers have extensive technical knowledge of precision sheet metal fabrication

and other production technologies to offer a consulting sales approach for any customer requirements whether it be quality, low cost or quick response time.
Our development and design division leads our activities for creating prototypes and products, which emphasize design features and varied-type, varied-amount orders.

As a full service company, Okabe offers total in-house start to finish capabilities

, including engineering support, sheet metal, machining, welding fabrication and metal finishing (painting, powder coating, chem-film, black oxide and silk-screening).

Okabe is dedicated to quality from top to bottom.

Quality is not something that can be added to a product. Quality starts at the inception of a product and continues through all phases of production. From inception through completion to shipment, quality is the number one priority of all Okabe employees. Every job for every customer is processed with this in mind. Our relentless pursuit of quality is rooted in a comprehensive quality control system and quality improvement through regular TPM activities. Furthermore, we are promoting product creation, which meets global expectations through the introduction of ISO9000 series concepts, the international standard for quality. As a contract manufacturer dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers, Okabe is your source for precision sheet metal fabrication.

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