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  Dear Sirs,<BR>We are a Vietnamese Co., Ltd., specialized in trade used rubber conveyor belt.<BR>We would like to import permanently used belt follow the technical details: <BR>- Width: No less than 500mm. <BR>- Length: No less than 20 meters.<BR>- Number of ply: No less than 3 plies.<BR>- Thickness: No less than 8mm.<BR>You please give us more technical information and term payment and some photos of your stock.<BR>Especially we have a representative in Japan, after we agree to buy the goods; he will pay amount en cash in Japan.<BR>Thank you very much for your interesting our e-mail.<BR>We are waiting for your reply as soon as possible.<BR><BR>Best regards. <BR>Dao Dao Phuoc (Mr.)<BR>

Contact us 23 An duong Vuong St., 8th Dist. Ho chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh 84-8 Vietnam
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Used (second hand) rubber conveyor belt fabric cord.
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